Saunasaari is open from end of April to mid October  
  There is no municipal engineering or electricity at Vasikkasaari. The washing water is taken from drill wells and warmed up in large pots, on fire.  
  The target of Saunasaari  
  The target is to offer a quiet place, where people can achieve physical and mental peace and purification. The unique sea view of Helsinki is very convenient for the purposes mentioned above. A perfect place to refresh the mind.  
  Location of Saunasaari  
  In the middle of Kruunuvuori at the northern tip of the Vasikkasaari Island, between Suomenlinna and Laajasalo. The trip from the Helsinki market place to Saunasaari takes about 15 minutes by boat.  


The form of transportation depends on how many members a group includes. The taxi boat has seats for 20 persons and the waterbus is for 70-90 persons available. The transport can be arranged from several destinations in Helsinki. The arrangements must be made separately with the taxi boat service.

Further information:

The catering service has developed some delicious meals, wich have become very popular. For example: 'The Robber's roast', 'The glow fried salmon', 'The creamy salmon soup' and the 'Late summer crayfish party'. Furher information you can find from link saunasaari catering service
  Place for meetings  
Firms have discovered Saunasaari as an inspiring environment for meetings, consultations and trainings. The durations of meetings have been very various. They could take a few hours or the whole day.
  The planning of Saunasaari  
While planning and building Saunasaari, have the terrain and the tree stand of the island been a considerable factor. The tar alders and the August Ehrensvärd's ashes were protected with great devotion. We have also payed attention to the unique sea landscape of Suomenlinna, Helsinki centre, including the middle of Kruunuvuori all the way direction Hevossalmi. The building process is closely related to the plan of Vasikkasaari's area.

We have developed the building process to make 3 different smokesaunas available. The handmade Perinnesavu (Tradition smoke), the octagonal Haapasavu (Aspen smoke) also the smallest Näköalasavu (Landscape smoke) give a pleasant soft heat. The water-heated pools are an extremely relaxing experience.

We have recieved very pleasant feedback from our clients. The buildings are differing from each other architecturally, structurally and by wood-material. They also function as an sauna exhibition and as an example of wooden buildings.

  The praising articles about Saunasaari, have strenghtened the belief in building the sauna oasis.

W e wellcome all sauna lovers to have a wonderful experience at Saunasaari!

Happy life atSaunasaari!

Rainer Hanhilahti
Managing director

Helsingin Saunasaari Oy

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