Saunasaari's catering service  

Is offering a possibility to enjoy delicious food.We have developed some special dishes, wich are normally not served in Helsinki centre restaurants. Special diets are not a problem, we just have to make some special arrangement.

Our very popular meals are:


(The Robber's roast)

The roast is stewed in a earth hole under glowing embers. The vegetables are simmerd at the same time.


(sautéed reindeer)

Special foreign guest are hope to get sauteed reindeer. In Saunasaari sauteed reindeer is served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam.


(The glow fried salmon)

The salmon is cooked with devotion on open fire `a la Saunasaari.


Kermainen merilohikeitto / Metsäsienikeitto
(The creamy Salmon soup / forestmushroom soup)

The soup has been a great succes among meeting groups. It is an excellent lunch alternative.


Maassa haudutettua siikaa
(Ground brewed whitefish)

The fish is steamed in a ground hole, under the campfire for several hours. It is served with dill potatoes, quite in the spirit of the skerries.


Syyskesän rapujuhla
(The late summer crayfish party)

Noble crayfish (european crayfish) Served with toast. Prices can vary, ask for daily prise


Meeting snack

Sandwich at morning and coffeebread at afternoon


Traditonal finnish snack

Grilled sausage with potato salad and loaf

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